The Pros and Cons of Egg Freezing, published by the AFA Mental Health Advisory Council. “What’s a Young Woman to Do?

 FINALLY!!  Egg freezing no longer ‘experimental

 10 Realities of Freezing Your Eggs: What Women Need to Know

 Here is the New York Times article my mom and I were featured in! (Please ignore the horrid picture and the terrible headline, neither accurately represent our story or our personalities)

 This is beautiful article on infertility written from a male perspective.

 Fertility Experts Issue New Report on Egg Freezing: ASRM Lifts ‘Experimental’ Label from Technique

 This is a great article that was in Vogue in April, 2011 called “Time To Chill”.

 A piece from the Wall Street Journal in May 2013 with a great video on fertility statistics.  “Why I Froze My Eggs (And You Should, Too)”

This is an interesting article about the fact that less than half of female cancer patients are being informed of their options to preserve their fertility.

This is a very interesting article discussing whether taking CoQ-10 could actually help keep your eggs younger!  Say it ain’t so…..

Here’s a great video from “The Doctors” Show about Egg Freezing

Assisted Reproduction Technologies on “Glee” and “Modern Family”

“The Baby Chase”, Putting baby making on hold for later.

This Article suggests women focus on finding “Mr. Almost Right” versus waiting to find the right relationship and using fertility treatments. Not sure how I feel about this.

Men worry about this stuff too!  How Old is Too Old for Fatherhood?

How Old is Too Old for Motherhood?  Pregnancy in IVF patients over the age of 50 carries no more risk than in women under 42 who use donor eggs.

Do You Need to Get Your Fertility Tested?   Knowing at 25 that you’re at risk to become infertile could lead to a host of decisions, from freezing your eggs now (’cause hey, better to take the most youthful eggs possible) to reconciling yourself early to not having biological children.

The World Egg Bank Achieves Outstanding Clinical Pregnancy Rates in North America from Frozen Eggs!

Why Women are extending their fertility with an Egg Freeze, this link also includes a video from “The Talk” discussing egg freezing.

Here are two interesting articles about young women with cancer:

Few Women with Cancer Take Steps to Preserve their Fertility

Very Few Women Using Egg Freezing Before Cancer Treatment

Here is an article talking about a study showing that after women freeze (or donate) their eggs, they remain fertile after the procedure.

Q&A with Dr. Pasquale Patrizio “Urgent need to educate women that reproductive aging is irreversible”.

Here is an article discussing that “Frozen Eggs May Work As Well as Fresh Eggs”

Here is a touching article of a woman who survived Cancer and now has a beautiful daughter after struggling with fertility issues.

Here is an article on new research showing that “Egg Freezing Prior To IVF Yields Positive Outcomes Without Increasing Risk Of Aneuploidy”.

Click here for a “Simple Guide to Egg Freezing”.