Congrats to Kim Kardashian who made the decision to freeze her eggs!

Watch this funny clip of Kim’s mom Kris Jenner helping Kim administer her first hormone shot….pretty funny!  Click here.

Rabbis Urge Single, Orthodox Women to Freeze Eggs

This is an interesting article talking about the struggles that some Orthodox Jewish Women are currently facing. ” The Egg Freezing procedure helps make these single women more marriageable in the eyes of their communities”, according to one doctor.  Click here to read more.

Research Demonstrates That Egg Freezing Prior To IVF Yields Positive Outcomes Without Increasing Risk Of Chromosome Abnormality

This article talks about exciting new research on egg freezing.  “This study provides an important piece of safety data that had been missing from the egg freezing story, namely that the embryos produced after vitrification are not at an increased risk of being chromosomally abnormal and are just as likely to implant and deliver healthy…

Egg Freezing Support Group & Information Meeting Monday, August 6th

SUPPORT GROUP FOR SINGLE WOMEN WHO ARE EGG FREEZING… or thinking about it A support group has formed for single women who are considering, are involved in, or have completed the process of egg freezing. We welcome women who would like to learn more about this option to potentially help preserve their fertility. Information is…

Diem Brown: I Want to Have a Baby Despite Ovarian Cancer

Congrats to Diem Brown, who is currently going through the process to freeze her eggs after learning that she has ovarian cancer.  She is sharing her journey on  Click here to read her story

Do You Need To Freeze Your Eggs?

This is a very funny short but sweet blog on egg freezing.  My favorite line is how she concludes her post….”So what about you, do you need to freeze YOUR eggs?  It depends on how much peace of mind a 50% chance would give you….basically it comes down to whether you’re a ‘petri dish half…

“Investing In Peace Of Mind – My Choice To Freeze My Eggs!”

Here is a post by a woman named Christine Hassler on her blog “The Daily Love” describing her fluctuations in deciding to freeze her eggs.  Although the description of her experience sounds a little scary to me (“I experienced extreme fatigue, headaches, bloating and a roller coaster of emotions…imagine PMS times 100!”) and this was…

Woman freezes her eggs at 37 and uses them successfully at age 42!

People always ask me when I plan to use my frozen eggs.  I think it’s such a funny questions because I think the  point of freezing my eggs is based on the fact that I have no idea when I might need them.   Once I am in the position to try to get pregnant, I…

Egg Freezing Support Group

If you are in the New York area here is the information for the next support group meeting!

Fertility Preservation By Egg Freezing Does Well Over Age 38

Here is an encouraging new study showing success with frozen eggs from women over the age of 38!  Click here to read more!