From my experience, insurance does not cover the costs of this procedure since it’s considered elective.  In the research that I’ve done, most clinics charge between $10,000 and $15,000 to complete the egg freezing process.  The price variation depends of the different hormones that your doctor prescribes for your specific body.  I have learned that some clinics offer payment plans so I highly encourage you to research this on your own and find out what your options are.  In addition, you will pay an annual storage fee, which for me costs $300 per year.  Sadly, we can’t stick them in the freezer at home.

The cost was a large stumbling block for me but the more I thought about it I realized something.  The older that I got, the higher the likelihood that I would have the do IVF or some other fertility treatment.  Freezing your eggs is the first half of IVF so you’re essentially paying for half now and half later, if in fact you have to undergo IVF in your future.  Just a thought!