My Story

Shortly after I turned 35 in June of 2010, I went through the process of freezing my eggs with Dr. Schoolcraft at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM).  I didn’t personally know any other woman who had frozen her eggs, so leading up to the procedure I was on my own to self educate.  Since completing the procedure, I have been overwhelmed by the curiosity of everyone around me.  It’s shocking how often I find myself at some social function with a captive audience as I discuss the sixteen little eggs I have sitting in a freezer in Denver.

At the time there was a huge lack of information on this subject.  When I went on, the only thing that would come up about egg freezing were some  outdated magazine articles.  A mere six years later, you type Egg Freezing into google and you are inundated with information.  However, I still think the average woman is not educated on her own fertility and what her options are.  The science behind egg freezing has dramatically changed in the last ten years.  Most women I have spoken to are still under the impression that the process has a low success rate.  That was true ten years ago.  Not so anymore.

In my observation, women hear the cost of the procedure and learn they have to give themselves hormone injections and they throw their hands in the air saying no way!  But the minute I explain that a bikini wax is far more painful than these little shots you inject into a pinch of belly fat, I suddenly have their attention and they want to learn more.  My goal in setting up this website is to help women become more educated on their own fertility so they can assess whether egg freezing is the right choice for them!

Jennifer lived in Telluride and Aspen Colorado for ten years from 2002-2012.  She has moved back to the NYC area to be closer to her family in Darien, Connecticut where she grew up.   In Colorado she owned her own businesses called The Sweet Life which were 50’s style diners offering burgers, homemade ice cream, candy, cupcakes and much more!  More recently she opened up a Health Coaching business called Salt Water Wellness, for more information check out her website,